Ty Beanie Baby – Nip (White paws) 4003


Ty Beanie Baby – Nip (White paws) 4003

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Ty Beanie Baby – Nip (White paws) 4003
This is a mint condition Beanie Baby – Nip (White paws)  #4003
Date of Birth 03/06/94.
Introduced 03/10/96.
 Retired on 12/31/97.
New, This Beanie Baby has never been played with or displayed.
His name is Nipper, but we call him Nip
His best friend is a black cat named Zip
Nip likes to run in races for fun
He runs so fast he’s always number one !
Nip is a brown cat with white paws and white inner ears. He has golden brown and black button eyes and a peach-colored nose with a white stitched mouth and white thread whiskers.
Collectors note
There are four versions of Nip. This version with white paws, an all brown version (also known as all gold), a version with a white face and magenta whiskers, and a Nip with a white face and pink whiskers. This version with the white paws is the most common.