Ty Beanie Baby – Hoppity the Rabbit 4117

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Ty Beanie Baby – Hoppity the Rabbit 4117


This is a new Beanie Baby – Ty Beanie Baby – Hoppity the Rabbit #4117
Date of Birth 04/03/96
Introduced 01/01/97
 Retired on 05/01/98
New, This Beanie Baby has never been played with or displayed.
Hopscotch is what she likes to play
If you don’t join in, she’ll hop away
So play a game if you have the time,
She likes to play, rain or shine!
Hoppity is a pale pink rabbit with black button eyes and a small, peach-colored nose with peach thread whiskers. She wears a pale pink ribbon tied around her neck.


On Jun-16-22 at 07:35:35 PDT, the seller added the following information:

WITH ERRORS! Hippity is an adorable mint green rabbit with pink whiskers and an emerald-colored ribbon tied around his neck. Most of these go for double-digits, but this one with a missing period after the ‘C’ in P.V.C. sold for a penny shy of $20,000 in April of 2021.

All the Beanie Babies are new, directly from Ty to my mother’s business. She was a Ty Beanie Baby dealer before she passed away years ago and had many of them. They have been stored in a sealed container until now and have never been sold or displayed until now! Perfect condition!!